How to select the best wall art for your home

Wall art is now one of the most popular trends in home design and decoration. Indeed, it is hard to argue that the properly selected wall art can create unique atmosphere in your house or apartment, making it look much more expressive. Wall art will encourage you to use your creativity and show your unique individuality. But do you know how to select wall art that will not disappoint you? In fact, there are a lot of useful tricks on how to do it (by the size, theme, style, and more). In this blog, we will give you some tips on how to select  wall art by color.

The first thing you should bear in mind is that there are only two ways of incorporating art into your design. The first is about complementing to the existing color scheme. If you decide in its favor, you should follow these rules:

  • The background color of your wall art should match your wall color.
  • If you are not certain, use the color wheel.
  • Do not use the same color if you do not want your artwork to disappear on the wall. Combine  light and  deep shades.
  • Your room does not need more than four colors to get pulled together.
  • If you cannot decide on the color, opt for black and white that will add elegance and structure.
  • Bright colors and neons rarely match the neutral colors of the wall.

The second way is about introducing bolder shades and forms on the color scheme of your room. Remember the following:

  • Bright pieces should be placed on the neutral background.
  • Pay close attention to undertones. For example, if they are mostly dark purple, the artwork will greatly benefit a light violet wall.
  • Use photo frames to make the art stand out.
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